SAG provides comprehensive investigative and forensic accounting services to commercial companies, law firms, and state and local governments.

Since 1998, SAG investigators have successfully completed a wide range of engagements across a variety of industries, with particular emphasis on fraud, asset theft, commercial disputes, product liability and security, litigation support, and background investigations. SAG investigations are tailored to the client's needs and often supplement and enhance the client's own internal actions.  While SAG investigators typically rely on traditional investigative techniques and their own extensive experience, more non-traditional means can be deployed, including technical support services, undercover operations, and surveillance assets. 

SAG investigations provide measurable results; sample performances include:

SAG Investigation of Product Liability Halts Civil Claims and Reputation Damage

On an urgent basis, SAG was retained by a leading national restaurant chain after a customer accused the client of product liability damages totaling $1,000,000.  In an effort to identify whether legitimate liability existed and mitigate client reputation damage, SAG investigators conducted a comprehensive investigation of the customer, the customer’s associates, restaurant staff and relevant witnesses, as well as laboratory analysis of the product involved in the claim.  Based on the evidence, SAG determined the customer fabricated the claim.  When the client’s lawyer was presented with the evidence the claim was withdrawn without court filings.

SAG Investigation of Labor Dispute and Workplace Violence

SAG was retained by a corporate client to investigate an incident of workplace violence that resulted from an internal labor dispute.  SAG investigators swiftly identified the employees who perpetrated the violence and collected sufficient evidence that enabled the client to terminate the employees and seek prosecution.  As a result, the client was able to quickly return its production operations to full capacity and prevent further loss of revenue.

SAG Investigation of Workplace Harassment Complaint

SAG was retained by a major charitable organization to conduct an independent investigation of a manager accused of sexual harassment in the workplace.  After conducting a comprehensive series of interviews and employing advanced investigative techniques, the findings were provided to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) which ultimately recommended against pursuing charges.  When the complaint was subsequently dropped, SAG was lauded by the charitable organization’s executive director for the cost savings as compared to hiring a civil defense team.